Interactive Map

Instructions & Screenshots

The images below will enlarge if clicked but remember these are just illustrations. The interactive map is above.


Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ top left corner to zoom in or out and the arrows to move around (or click on the map and drag it about).

Clicking on the place marks e.g. the camp symbols, will bring up a dialogue box with more detail.


The ‘team’ symbol will periodically be updated to show our location.

Clicking on the icon will display a dialogue box with short text updates from Kilimanjaro.


Click ‘View Larger Map’ beneath the map to view in Google Maps and see more features.

Click the yellow figure near the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ top left corner and drag to a location to view photographs taken from/near that spot.


Click on ‘Earth’ to view in Google Earth and experiment with different views and perspectives.

For more on Google Earth see

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9 Responses to Interactive Map

  1. Laura Fox says:

    Found the map! Yay! You’re setting off from base camp in just over a day! Good luck Team!

  2. Laura Fox says:

    Good to see you all made the first leg. Well done!!!

  3. Laura Fox says:

    Today we read that you made it over the ridge but now out of range for the updating. Hoping you’re all managing at that high altitude! The temperature in the Westgate Plaza Office today is cold enough to warrant me wearing a vest and having to massage my fingers warm (cursed air con!) but checking in here helps to keep things in perspective for me! Keep going guys!

  4. Laura Fox says:

    … and now you’re back within updating range. Looking down through the clouds sounds amazing. You must all have felt on top of the world! Let’s hope the altitude headaches and breathlessness get better soon. Seems like the view was literally breathtaking!!

  5. Emma Labedzki says:

    Wow …seeing your route on the interactive map makes it seem so much more real and helps to convey the sheer enormity of the challenge that lies ahead. Enjoying reading your daily updates and happy to hear that you are all making steady progress on your journey to the summit – the headaches and breathlessness don’t sound like much fun though, but hopefully your stay at Barranco Camp will leave you all feeling suitably refreshed and ready to face a new day – massive respect to all of you!

  6. Laura Fox says:

    Good to hear people are starting to feel better. It’s a major achievement that you’ve only had one drop out so far. Good luck on your final ascent Team 🙂

  7. Sue Smith says:

    Huge congratulations to everybody taking part, and “wow” to all those that made it to the top! Good luck for a safe descent.

  8. Emma Labedzki says:

    Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Barnsley Kilimanjaro Charity Trek on reaching your personal goals and achievements – you have been on an amazing journey over the last 12 months and it is great to hear that you have reached the culmination of all your hard work and efforts. I’m sure that you will have numerous tales to recount and fantastic memories of your shared experiences with friends – well done to one and all!

  9. Laura Fox says:

    Not sure who made it and who didn’t, but congratulations to those who did!!! And well done to those who got as far as they did!!

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