Keepmoat Homes

Keepmoat Homes specialises in delivering housing led regeneration throughout England.

Building predominantly for first and second time buyers, all our homes are constructed to the highest standard – regularly incorporating modern methods of construction and the latest energy saving and environmentally sustainable technology.

Customer commitment is at the heart of everything we do and after more than 80 years, our business ethos remains rooted in the principles of our founder, Frank Haslam, who maintained: “there is nothing to replace pride in your work.”

This attitude has enabled us to build the excellent, award winning reputation we enjoy today – a reputation we greatly value and one which can only be maintained by adhering to our principles and demonstrating integrity in every aspect of our work.

Our partnerships with the public sector have fundamentally changed ailing communities – kick starting economic and social revival by stimulating further private investment.

We deliver exemplar projects in challenging housing market areas, with a positive approach towards private sales risk. In addition to unlocking the value of council owned land assets and creating job and training opportunities for local people, initiatives such as profit sharing have enabled local authorities to invest in local facilities for community enjoyment.

Building the right product at the right price has paid dividends for Keepmoat Homes too, enabling us to weather the worst economic slump since the 1920’s and emerge with the skills and resources which are helping us to grow as the UK begins to emerge from recession.

Images from our Seasons development at Thurnscoe, Barnsley;

Keepmoat Homes –Yorkshire

Balby Court

Carr Hill


South Yorkshire


T: 01302 341005 F: 01302 341016


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