Day Seven – Wednesday 5th October 2011

I received a text at 6:36 our time!  The Team are packing up and heading for Base Camp – Barafu Camp – with the intention of trying for the summit tonight!!  They are all feeling well.

On a more personal not this is a message for Jeremy from Gillian, she is “missing you and feeling well.  Take care. xx”

They arrived at Base Camp at 14:54 our time after a short but tough trek.  Every step has been an effort with headaches coming and going.  Arrival at camp coincided with a snow storm which made setting up camp, and I quote “interesting”.  They will be having tea at 18:00 local time with a rest and then setting off in two groups at 23:30 and 24:00 for the summit.

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6 Responses to Day Seven – Wednesday 5th October 2011

  1. Samantha Lawson says:

    Good Luck to all the Team!….. in particular Keith Dodd! – Best Wishes from your team in Gateway x

  2. Paul Grainger says:

    Not sure if yesterday’s comment got through as Will got hold of the keyboard!
    Congratulations to Mummy & all the team on your achievements so far. The summit is in sight now & we are sure you will all make it now. Can’t wait to hear you’ve made it. Will sends love & kisses to Mummy.
    Will & Paul Grainger

  3. Dave Walker says:

    Guess you’ll all be getting some sleep soon, ready for your early start. Looks like its going to be cold but you should all have a really nice sun rise on the crater rim. All the best and I hope you enjoy your summit day. By the time I get up you should be standing on the summit. I look forward to the update tomorrow. Dave WMRT.

  4. ronna says:

    Hi all I am one of neeta’s colleague, checking to see if she is ok, please let us know, thanks!

  5. Rache says:

    Good luck everyone! love to Jane n Jude x From Rache, Chris n Paul x

  6. Georgina says:


    Is there any update on the names of those who made it to the summit? My daughter is on the team and would love to know how she has done.


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