Day Six – Tuesday 4th October 2011

The Team have had an enjoyable day scrambling up the Great Barranco Wall to begin with.  They have arrived at Karanga Camp – 3940m at 14:30 local time.  Those of the Team that had been unwell are generally feeling better.  Unfortunately Neeta Cummins has had to return down the mountain.  Well done for getting this far though – what an achievement.

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3 Responses to Day Six – Tuesday 4th October 2011

  1. Rache says:

    well done everyone, love to jane and judy, push on girls, you can do it, love Rache, Chris, n Paul xxx

  2. Clare Barwell says:

    Hi Mike, glad to here all is well, keep up the good work, im following your progress sorry to hear about Neeta. Enjoy the experience and good luck to you all! Clare

  3. Sue Clare says:

    hoping at some point Neeta will receive a message from us at FST West! (have tx n put one on FB too!!)if so tell her we are thinking of her… know she will be disappointed but we are all very proud of her xxx

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