My Challenge – Abbey Eastwood

My name is Abbey and I’ll be 15 years old when we do the trek. I’ve been helping my Dad, Ken, with bag packing and other fundraising events for quite some time now. It was never my intention to do the trek but as I’ve been listening to others discuss the adventure I’ve become more and more interested. When I asked if it would be possible to take part Gillian Williams really encouraged me and has helped me ever since. In fact everyone on the team has been great.

We’ve had some really good fun fundraising. Bed pushes aound the town centre, sponsored walkathon and the Mayor’s Parade have all been a good laugh.

I’m starting someway behind others in terms of my own fundraising but people have been great. I’ve just been in the local newspaper (click the image to read full size);

I’ve done some walking to keep my Dad company.

We did a few walks together last year when he was training for the Oxfam 100km TrailTrekker.

We’ve since climbed Snowdon with some of the team, had a good camping and walking weekend and walked upto Stoodley Pike.

I’m really looking forward to the trip but I’m quite nervous too. I know everyone will look after me but I’m worried about the altitude and I’m hoping I can get to the top with my Dad. x

Today I’ve been at the Oxenhope Village fete with the Guides. Here are a few pictures;




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