Woodhead Weekend

Yesterday we spent a day with Dave Walker and Brian Bailey at the newly opened Woodhead Mountain Rescue Centre.

Dave and Brian successfully completed a Kilimanjaro trek earlier this year and kindly took the team through their experiences, sharing tips and hints and providing some expert insights into mountain safety, altitude and kit selection.

On Saturday evening we set up camp on grass at the nearby Dog & Partridge Country Inn, in the pouring rain, and retired to the pub for food and refreshment. Several members of the team decided to test their stamina and resolve by remaining the bar until an unreasonable hour. Many thanks to landlord Steve Marsh for his hospitality.

After a couple of hours sleep we awoke to much improved conditions and after a hearty breakfast set off on an 9 mile walk around Langsett, led by team member Dougie Dunsmore-Dawson. After lunch, a few completed a further 7 mile walk.

A great weekend. Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation and to Dave, Brian and Steve.


About Ken Eastwood

Director Digital Nomads. Consultant in mobile & flexible working, digital innovation, transformation and new workstyles. Former Assistant Director in local government (26 year sector experience). www.digitalnomads.co & www.publicsectornomads.com
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