My Challenge – Andy Buckley

Hello my name is Andy Buckley I’m 30 and work as a commissioning engineer for a security company that specialise in digital wireless CCTV.

My challenge started, as I’m sure quite a few do in the pub with a couple of mates. With each pint of ale drank the idea of trekking Kilimanjaro was getting better and better until eventually it became one the of best ideas I’ve heard and was something that I definitely should be doing.

The next morning I woke with a hangover, a strange sense of dread and £250 lighter, I’m joking of course.

My decision to do the trek wasn’t really that flippant and I did think hard about whether I would be fit enough and if I would have enough time to raise a respectable amount of money.

My job has me travelling to Norfolk and Scotland and many places in-between so some months I don’t have much free time other than the weekends. Eventually I decided that there is no better motivation for getting fit than trekking Kilimanjaro and that if I want to achieve something (especially for a good cause) than I shouldn’t be bound by my job. The fund-raising is going quite well so far and I am really starting to enjoy the training, even the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge, despite looking like John Cleese in his ministry of silly walks sketch for a couple of days after.

The hospice is also great motivation for fund-raising, my grandma suffers from a long term illness and although she wasn’t receiving help from the hospice when I first signed up for the trek she is now. She doesn’t live in the actual hospice but she does have regular visits from the hospice nurses and they have fitted her house with all sorts of amazing gadgets and gizmo’s to make her life easier, I can’t thank them enough for the work they have done so far and if raising money will help people in similar situations than I’m all for it.

Another challenge will be camping as a large group with few home comforts but the Glastonbury festival training I’ve completed over the past few years should stand me in good stead. Also all the team members I’ve met so far are very nice so I’m sure everybody will be supporting each other to reach the summit.

So to sum up my challenge is simple really, to get fit enough to trek the mountain in relative comfort so I can enjoy the scenery and to raise as much funds as possible to help the Hospice carry on its fantastic work. Right I’m off to the gym to do some 21’s, it’s going to be freezing up that mountain so I’ve got to take this training serious, it’s snow joke trekking Kilimanjaro.


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