My Challenge – Janie McGrellis

I’m Janie McGrellis and I teach A level Psychology at Thornton Grammar School and live in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

My favourite things in life are being with my two daughters, travelling and having adventures; ideally, having adventures whilst travelling with my girls. This we do whenever the opportunity arises.

Jess is twenty and is reading English and History at theUniversity of Glasgow. Holly is seventeen; she lives with me every other week and is in her final year at school. Her intention is to go on to read Psychology at Newcastle in September. So at the moment I’m preparing for her departure and getting used to the idea of the two of them setting off on their own adventures whilst planning a few of my own.

My life took a bit of a turn around about six years ago and since then I’ve had the most amazing opportunity to get to know myself and I’ve been able to find out what I want in life and what I enjoy.

I love spending time with friends. I love singing, dancing, walking and talking. I meditate, read and write. I love going to independent cinemas and eating out. I like naming the constellations and walking along beaches in the dark. Music plays a big part in my life and I can play a few tunes on the guitar, piano and clarinet. I’m up for just about anything as long as it doesn’t involve watching telly, playing computer games or ten-pin bowling!

In the last 5 years I’ve stopped drinking alcohol and smoking and started to look after myself. I keep fit, eat healthily (most of the time) and I love a challenge, so when I over heard a conversation about a charity trek up Kilimanjaro I butted in and invited myself! The opportunity of climbing a mountain whilst raising money for palliative care is beyond anything I could have hoped to achieve in life and so I have set this as my goal for 2011.

I am looking forward to the physical and psychological test of the trek. I am expecting to learn more about myself and what I am capable of and I’m hoping to make some new friends at the same time.


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