My Challenge – Antony Palfreyman

I’m Antony. I currently live in Sheffield and have been working as an Orthotics Technician for the past 11 years.  Now the first thing most people ask is, “What the hell is that?” Well to explain, we manufacture leg braces, specialist insoles and footwear for people with walking dissabilities. It’s a demanding, sometimes stressful, but very rewarding job which I love.

I have always been an active person and loved playing sports such as football, badminton, a stint at body building which is a whole lifestyle and not easy and cricket, but my passion was always running.

When I was younger I took part in quite a few 10k races and achieved my quickest time of 33 minutes which although not the quickest time in the world, it’s something I’m still proud of.

Unfortunately, I damaged the ligaments in my left knee playing football and was unable to participate in sports or keep up the active lifestyle that I had always led and after a few years of pain and frustration with the slow rehabilitation of my knee I lost my motivation for exercise.  Sitting eating cake and playing computer games seemed to be more appealing, which is never good or healthy.  Having just turned 30 and spending the last couple of years being lazy I felt it was time to make a change and that’s when I heard about the Kilimanjaro trek through my good friend Michael Garrett. What’s more inspiring than climbing the highest mountain in Africa?  I’m glad to say I have my motivation back and am loving training for the trek. Touch wood – my knee is fine.

As for Barnsley Hospice I think this a great charity to work towards.  Unfortunately, my Mum passed away a few years ago from cancer and spent the last couple of weeks in care. It’s not really until you’re in that position that you can really understand and appreciate the services organisations like Barnsley Hospice provide.  I just hope I can raise as much money as I can for a very worthwhile cause.


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