My Challenge – Trevor Richardson

My name is Trevor Richardson and I work within the Business Support Services (BSS) of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (in SAP Works Management).

For many years I have considered the possibility of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – I can’t really remember when it was but I can recall seeing a picture of an African scene (elephants in the foreground and Mount Kilimanjaro rising in the background) and deciding that climbing Kilimanjaro might be one of the things to add to the long list of things to do before I die (always the best time to do such things I suppose).

Although a keen all round sportsman I’ve never been a proper committed walker – just doing the odd ramble and minor trek but only rarely involving much in the way of hills. A keen sportsman – Yes, but talented sportsman? – No, definitely not! I’ve dabbled in most sports (badly) and played a fair bit of football in years gone by but only at the lowest level or the 5-a-side stuff.

Similarly I’ve done a bit of distance running but never very fast. However, I completed a marathon despite sustaining a back injury the day before the event which meant I could hardly even walk to the start line. Funnily enough I felt fine after about 5 miles or so of slow running – but maybe if I hadn’t done this my back might just be in a better state now! I’ve also done three swim ‘marathons’ of 5 KM (again quite slowly) and in my youth used to take part in the Annual Boxing Day North Sea Swim for charity at Flamborough, Filey or Bridlington and can say that those participants who say ‘you don’t really feel the cold’ are just not telling the truth!

My interests are endless but would always include football (especially supporting my home town club Hull City), motorcycling, motor cycle racing, travel, real ale, music, natural history and reading – although most of my books are on the subjects of football, motorcycling, motorcycle racing, travel, real ale, music and natural history. OK, I’ve read the odd novel as well but not that many.

In recent years my fitness level is not what it should be. Recurring back problems have made training and keeping fit a struggle – but perhaps I’ve used that excuse too much. This general lack of fitness has been highlighted during my more recent attempts to play football against my son’s team (Hessle Rangers FC under 17s Vs the Dads Eleven) and again when walking up Snowden in February – when I finished up absolutely shattered. Oh Yeah, I certainly need to get fitter!

So, here is a great opportunity to combine a long standing ambition with raising some serious cash for Barnsley Hospice. I hope I am up to the challenge!


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